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Know Your Contractor

May 13 2015

Know Your Contractor

~ Spring 2015


In years past, as spring storms have rolled in so have the Storm Chasers of the roofing industry.  While it might seem like a good idea to hire the company who knocks on your door and tells you “they can give you a new roof for whatever the insurance pays”, there are several hidden dangers to protect yourself from.  If you find yourself needing a contractor to repair storm damage this year, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Stay local!  This is so important that many storm chasers will go to great lengths to appear local.  Be sure the company is actually a local company, not just using a local telephone number.  Do they have a permanent office in the area? Do they have employees who live in the area?  Have they done work in the area before? 

Look for longevity.  This is another one that stormers may try to disguise.  Just about anyone can help put a roof on their garage, their mini-barn, their uncle’s house.  But, just because he may have done a roof for his uncle when he was 16, doesn’t mean he’s been roofing since he was 16. 

The difference is important because when the work is done but your roof is leaking, will that company be around to fix it under their warranty or will that stormer have moved on to sell things other than roofing?

Check them out!  A stable, long standing company will be able to provide you proof of insurance, license, & references.  Check out their website and reviews from 3rd party review sites.  Look them up at the Better Business Bureau.  Ask around for referrals from your family & friends.

It’s your choice.  Your insurance company may recommend a contractor, but remember, you choose your contractor.